Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Memories of Abobo

UPDATE: Holy Shit, It's Double Dragon on my browser!!

If I was a rich man, I wouldn't be buying fancy cars or mansions and shit. All I'd be doing is flying to various comic book and video game conventions in my supersonic Lear jet to check out badass shite like this.

'Shit! It's fucking Abobo!'

That's right, it's Abobo's Big Adventure! A fan-made tribute game starring one of my earliest and most feared childhood nemeses! He left an indelible mark on my seven year old psyche by being the first man to mercilessly kick me off a conveyor belt and into a pit of doom (which has actually happened quite often since then).

'Abobo! Noooo...!!'

Seven Year Old Me hated Abobo's guts. He made my blood boil. Many hours were spent in the schoolyard jumpkicking the shit out of imaginary Abobos with my best friend Perry Chan. Then we'd run home to my basement and beat the crap out of him on my Sega Master System until it was time for dinner.

Just about the only caveat of owning a Sega over an NES was its superior version of Double Dragon, which allowed you to play with two players at the same time just like in the arcade. So thanks Dad, for not knowing Nintendo was the one I asked you to get me for Christmas '87. You gave me some of my best grade 2 memories. Though I could have gone without you filling the Sega Master System box with newspaper, and then taking pictures of me weeping after opening the present. They are some pretty funny pictures tho.

So if I was totally stinking rich right now I'd be auditioning the nerdcore burlesque dancers that would be entertaining me on my thirty-five minute jet flight to the San Diego Comicon, where the fan-made extravaganza Abobo's Big Adventure is being demoed on an arcade cabinet. There's also a supposed flash demo of the game, but it doesn't seem to be up or working. Dammit. Hopefully the full version will be released shortly after the Comicon.

Oh well. At least I have Super Mario Crossover to tie me over until then. Jay Pavlina FTW! Downward thrust, motherfuckers!

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